(click to follow the link to Jim Janacek's images at microcar.org to a larger version of the game board)

The 13th Annual Microcar and Minicar Classic
July 11, 12, 13

We want your pictures from this year's Classic, too! Contact Charles or me, Max, your Web man.

Please help me to identify cars and people! email to Max.

We have a WBUR radio interview from the run-up to the 13th M&M Classic:
...as heard on WBUR Friday Morning, July 11, 2008


Video from Boston Globe reporter Ralph Ranalli.

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Thanks to all of our photo contributors!

Nat Stevens' pictures... first through the gate. (67 images)

Thanks, Kim Walter! (12 images)

Bob Rossi's Mets, an annual treat. (6 images)

Gabrielle's series (on photobucket). (11 images)

John Luttropp (on MobileMe).
(90 images)

George Blau's pictures... thanks, George. (214 images)

Wayne Hall's crisp suite (13 images)

Jim Janacek's suite

Jim Janacek (on microcar.org) (52 images)

Mike Annen

Mike Annen's submissions. (31 images)

Snapfish link

Chris (on Snapfish) (65 images)


Michael Scott on smugmug (230 images) NEWEST (Nov '08)


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