Gould's 18th - Schedule
Last updated May 28, 2014
Friday July 11

arrival, reception

(registered guests)
Wine and Cheese arrival reception (microbrews too)! Out of town guests arrive, formal registration begins, unloading cars, setting up Microcar display, buzz around the neighborhood, cocktail hour, introductions, and distribution of registration materials. We'll provide the wine and cheese. If you prefer, please bring beer, picnic goods or hors d'ouvres. If you've been driving all day, don't worry about it, we'll feed you! This is a great time to get acquainted and see some terrific microcars buzzing all around the neighborhood. Max in a Bajaj Your web guy, Max, at the handlebars of his Indian-built Bajaj.
Saturday July 12

Additional guests are requested to arrive Saturday morning before 10:00 a.m. as the first Microtour begins at 11:00 a.m. Don't worry if you are late, reception personnel will greet you, and directions to all tours and meets will be posted. We are joined by the local Nash Metropolitan Club for Saturday's activities. You are on your own for breakfast today,although we will provide coffee and fresh bagels.

Saturday Morning


About 11:00 a.m. We will set out for a 100 mile round-trip scenic Micro Tour to an (optional, this part) ascent up Wachusett Mountain Summit Road. This is a twisty, short, five-mile access road that is not too steep and can be negotiated by most microcars. Those who don't wish to climb the mountain in their microcars can catch a ride or hang out at the base of the mountain. After our return from the mountain, we will head to the Mountain Barn for lunch (separate checks). In the afternoon, there are several interesting stops on the way back to the Gould's, which may include a winery tour (depending on our schedule) and a stop at the Gould's Matchbox Motors Microcar Museum storage facility to view all of the unfinished projects, rusted hulks, and microcars which were not able to participate in the Classic event!


View from the top of Wachusett Mountain 

Saturday late afternoon

The Huge Eclectic Feed

(registered guests)

Everyone parades back to the hosts' residence for the famous Eclectic Barbecue. Participants are asked to bring unusual foods to share. (See food details below.) Previous years have included everything from enchiladas to tuna sashimi. This is a favorite part of the weekend activities as the only thing that this group enjoys more than the cars is the food! Luttropp in an Isetta
John Luttropp at the wheel.
Saturday Night

At about 7:00 p.m., we embark on a short journey to one of the local hot spots (J.P. Licks in Newton Center... mmmm) where we create quite a stir. Our little cars parade in and distract the whole area as a fresh group of spectators is fascinated by this collection of absurd little Bubblecars. TV coverage is again a possibility.

Then, back at the hosts'- Serious margaritas, general merriment and irresponsible behavior winds down the day's activities as people reminisce about their initiation into the world of Microcars and the stories of their personal acquisitions. The margaritas tend to remove inhibitions and enhance the stories through extreme exaggeration. Poetic license and creativity are encouraged.
Hal in a happy mood.Hal, showing that Microcars can make people deliriously happy.

Sunday Midday

Larz Anderson Park

(This exhibit open to the general public)

The Microtour departs at 11:00 a.m. for a four mile parade to the beautiful grounds of the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation where the cars will be arranged "on the lawn" for spectators to admire. Participants are welcome to tour the museum (free admission to our guests this year, no additional admission fee). Click HERE for directions to Larz Anderson Park in Brookline for the Saturday, 1:00 am to 4:00 pm part of the show.

The Museum has one of the country's oldest private collections of very early automobiles (1880-1930) from around the world. We don't yet know what will be on exhibit in July, but it's always something good! Watch this space for details. There will be a food service caterer at the Museum and many activities to keep everyone entertained.

The field will be buzzing with activity as we play "Microcar Games", and volunteers give rides to an appreciative public, to help raise the awareness of our unique vehicles. Many of the local spectators have never seen a Microcar, so expect a strong "gawk effect." TV news coverage is likely.


Sunday Afternoon and Evening

Authentic Cuisine...

Mexican or Chinese
We return to the Gould's to wind down, where we dunk our tired dogs into huge buckets of ICE COLD water ("poor man's hot tub"), and relax with more Margaritas and Microbrews until early evening, when we depart for either authentic Peking Duck and wonderful Szechuan food, or an outdoor café with authentic Mexican (not Tex-Mex) food. We will decide which by a vote of all those who are still standing. Try to stay through Sunday night, and plan on departing on Monday morning if possible. It really is worth the extra day.  

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